Over 40s Transformation Centre now offers cutting-edge body
composition scanning, revolutionising the way you track
your health, training progress, and results.
Utilising state-of-the-art technology from InBody Body Composition
Analysers, this advanced system provides comprehensive insights
into various crucial body composition metrics.

The InBody Bio Scan 570 machine, stands at the forefront of health monitoring technology. 

Delivering detailed results in less than two minutes, this non-intrusive system uses 15 impedance measurements with three different frequencies to assess the body's five segments, providing over 40 parameters specific to body composition.

Key Metrics

Total skeletal muscle mass

Total body fat in kilograms & Percentage

Visceral fat

Basal metabolic rate

Total body water

Bone mineral content

Segmental muscle and fat analysis

With the InBody 570, you can regularly monitor body fat levels, lean muscle mass, and muscular development. This information helps you understand how your diet, lifestyle, and training regimen impact your overall body composition.

15-Minute Consultation Package:

For just $30, Over 40s Transformation Centre offers a 15-minute consultation with an approved operator, including the body composition scan, and a thorough explanation of all information on the results sheet. This service is available to anyone, regardless of whether you are a member of Over 40s Transformation Centre or not.

How to Get Started:

Simply fill in the form below to schedule your consultation and gain valuable insights into your health and fitness journey. 

Transform your approach to wellness with Over 40s Transformation Centre's advanced body composition scanning technology

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