Lesson #2: Challenge Work Outs – Both Tuesday AND Saturday


Over 40s HIIT Protocol

These workouts can be performed on your NON Training Days.

Step #1: Pick a form of exercise you enjoy (using a skipping rope, spin bike, rowing machine, or incline walking/hiking are particularly useful exercises for HIIT).

Step #2: Follow this workout structure for 20 minutes

 Warm up for 3-5 min to elevate your heart rate to slightly so you feel the warmth

 Your 20 min HIIT session will then “officially start.”

 To begin, perform 30 seconds of exercise as HARD and FAST as you can; this is your first “burst interval.”

 Perform the next 90 seconds of exercise at a comfortable pace – MUCH slower (to recover for your next burst interval). Repeat this structure for 10 rounds .

 Cool down for a couple minutes after the last burst to get the blood flowing.

Total Workout Time: 25 minutes 

To recap: warm-up for 3-5 minutes. 

Then, complete 10x complete “30 seconds hard/90 seconds easy cycles.” 

Finally, finish your cardio session with a couple minutes cool down.

That’s it! This workout is challenging but incredibly effective for increasing your metabolism.