Lesson #4: Hormonal Reset #1 – Estrogen



The first hormonal reset for 7 days.
Meatless and alcohol free to reset Estrogen
Here is a reset to get your estrogen levels balanced. Do this for a minimum 7 days. 
Why meatless and alcohol free?
Unfortunately, big changes in how cattle are produced over the past 40 years have grown so quick that our bodies haven’t adapted.
Obesity rates are at an all time High. 
 Agricultural policies were changed in the 1970s, allowing our government to subsidize corn and soy therefore being able to produce cattle so much quicker. 
The bigger problem is what’s hidden in the fat of most meats you find at your grocery store. 
Steroid hormones. On average, six steroid hormones are pumped into feedlot cattle in order to fatten them up so there’s more income per animal. As you chew the burger, you’re consuming the same growth hormones, and they’ll fatten you up too.
    Persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These are synthetic chemicals that may act as xenoestrogens (or fake estrogens) in the body and raise your level of endogenous estrogen, resulting in estrogen dominance. This has been shown, to open up the gut barrier—causing leaky gut and inflammation, and shifting the microbiome in the wrong direction—and may contribute to certain cancers.
Good quality grass-fed meat contained up to ten times more omega-3. 
What’s important is your overall ratio of omega-6 to omega-3; that is, too much omega-6 compared with omega-3 leads to inflammation and more fat storage. This is typically what grain fed meat has. 
    Genetically modified grains. Often GM corn is used to feed animals, and consuming those animals may also cause leaky gut and hormone disruption.
You are anciently hardwired to eat mostly vegetables, nuts, seeds, the occasional fruit, and clean proteins, regardless of your blood type.
Once Upon a time our ancestors found meats a luxury. 
So, it may be that your imbalance of estrogen is a reason you could be finding it hard to lose weight?
Do you suffer from any of the following?
    Bloating or fluid retention?
    Consumption of conventional meat? Do you eat at least one meal away from home per week?
Treatments with oral hormones (birth control pills or hormone replacement medication— or antibiotics?
    Soreness when you or
Your masseuse press in the hollow on top of your foot, between your big toe and second toe? (This is called the LV3 point, and in Chinese medicine, it becomes sensitive to pressure when you have liver stagnation, one of the symptoms of estrogen dominance.)
    Autoimmune conditions, in which your immune system attacks your own tissues, such as Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune disease)?
    Large or increased bra-cup size or breast tenderness? (Guys too)
Frequent migraines or other headaches?
    A red flush or frequent blushing on your face, triggered by heat, skin products, red wine, spicy foods, or dairy?
  Gallbladder problems (or removal)?
If you can answer yes to 4 or more of the questions then it’s a higher chance you could be imbalanced. 
If not, it still could be worth your while performing the reset. 
There is a distinct relationship between both mass produced red meat and alcohol raising estrogen whilst showing a decrease in estrogen when these two products are eliminated. 
The goal of this is to reset your estrogen by having you eliminate meat and alcohol for the 7 days plus boost your fiber intake for the week in order to promote fat loss. The directions are simple: skip eating meat for 7 days, eat 250grams of vegetables daily, and increase your fiber intake by 10 grams per day. These small steps will yield dramatic results.
Increased dietary fiber improves the ability of the liver to clear excess estrogen—that is, more fiber lowers estrogen levels in the body
Fibre List: Soaked chia seeds, freshly ground flax seeds, fresh quality vegetables (especially spinach, kale, and other greens), lentils, legumes, low glycemic fruit (berries), and fibre capsules and powders (to be added to shakes).