Do you feel like you’re training hard, eating well but just not seeing the results you want? You might just be making some small errors with your training or nutrition that are holding you back from seeing the progress you deserve. In this article, we’ll uncover 6 common trends that may be preventing you from achieving your desired results!

  1. Lack of VISION (goal clarity)

    One of the main reasons people struggle to make consistent progress is a lack of clarity regarding their fitness goals. Not so clear outcomes such as “getting in shape”, “getting fit” or “losing weight” make it challenging to structure an effective training program that will see consistent progress. Instead, it is crucial to set specific & measurable goals. By defining your clear goals, you can tailor your workouts, track progress, and stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.

    2. Inconsistency

      Consistency is the key to achieving any health & fitness goal. Many people will begin their training journey with a lot of enthusiasm but quickly lose motivation when a challenge arrises for them. Missing workouts or missing meals can hinder progress and delay results. To overcome this hurdle, establish a realistic routine that suits your current lifestyle and commit to it. Write in in your diary as an appointment not to be missed. Consistency will not only improve your results but also enhance discipline and mental resilience.

      3. Not focusing on proper form and technique

        Performing exercises with incorrect form and technique not only increases the risk of injury but also reduces the effectiveness of your workouts. It is all to common, people will rush through their workouts, sacrificing form for quantity or intensity. It is crucial to prioritise quality over quantity and focus on mastering proper form for each exercise. This is where engaging the help of a qualified trainer and coach can help to ensure you are performing exercises correctly, maximising gains while minimising the risk of injury.

        4. Ignoring the importance of recovery

          While pushing yourself during workouts is essential, many will neglect their recovery periods. Rest and recovery are crucial to seeing results as they allow muscles to repair, rebuild, and grow stronger. Poor sleep patterns, Overtraining and poor nutritional habits, can slow your progress, lead to burnout, and increase your chance of injuries. It is important to incorporate rest days into your training schedule, prioritise sleep, and fuel your body with nutritious meals to optimise recovery and achieve better results.

          Rest days can be still going for brisk walk, performing some yoga or stretching session etc, but its a good idea to just give your body a rest from an high intensity workout when your body needs.

          5. Lack of variety and progression

            Repeating the same workout in the same order with the same reps for an extended period can lead to a plateau in progress. It’s quite common to fall into the trap of sticking to the same exercises whilst neglecting the importance of variety and progression. To overcome this, make some changes to your workouts by incorporating different exercises, intensity techniques such as drops sets, higher rep week, slower tempo, and add in new equipment to your workouts. Additionally, make sure you are focusing on progressive overload, and gradually increasing the intensity, duration, or difficulty of your workouts to challenge your body to continually stimulate muscle growth.

            6. The myth of out-training a poor diet

              Your results are not just about what happens in the gym; it’s more so about what you put into your body to fuel your workouts and to recover from your workouts. Poor nutrition can sabotage your efforts, no matter how hard you train. Consuming the right amount of calories needed to achieve your goals is essential. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods will provide your body with the necessary fuel to perform at its best and recover efficiently. Keep your water intake also and stay hydrated!

              Avoiding these common training mistakes is important for anyone who want to achieve their health & fitness goals. By setting clear goals, staying consistent, prioritising strict form, introducing variety into your workouts, & optimising your nutrition and recovery, you can overcome these obstacles and some some amazing results. Remember, achieving your health and fitness goals is a journey that requires patience, consistency, and discipline. With the right approach, you can transform your training and get closer to the healthier, stronger, and fitter version of yourself that you want to be!

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